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Thank you Michael!
Believe it or not, Marisol & I downloaded Dyana's new song ("One World") and listened yesterday just before your e-mail arrived. We think this song is fabulous! Dyana's voice is so calming & the tones are spot on!

I will listen often & add this to my list of favorites!

Steven L. Biegel, AIA _________________________________________________________________________________

Mike, we just wached the show with Dyana and you. It is very nice! Very well done. I think that the audience should have liked it. It presents Dyana's talant and her music, it presents also Dyana and you in very interesting light - like cosmopolitan people. It was nice to see both of you on the tv. Congratulations.

Stefan _________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Mike & Dyna

I would be lying if I said your email did not bring back the moments of nostalgia when we saw Dyna perform on the tracks recorded by her and released by Times Music ! It does seem like yesterday. Your resourcefulness in being able to get my new email address is hardly surprising.

Hearing from you is a pleasure. I am delighted at Dyna's talents getting recognised all over the world. My heartiest congratulations to both of you.

Warm regards,

Arun Arora


Dear Toan,

Thank you for bringing the great talents of such a fine artist to us in Houston. Your support and hospitality were overflowing. The people in my group were thrilled with the beauty and creativity of Dyana Dafova and her ensemble. The meal and refreshments were top drawer, as well as the service.

You sponsored a wonderful event. Thank you.


Anna Dean

Hello Dyana and Michael,

Coming back home from Turkey we put the CD in our player and closed our eyes.
We listened to a music like sitting in a private concert hall and the performance was only intended for us.
What a nice voice and an overwhelming holistic performance. Music AND VOICE IN ONE SETTING in total.

We are becoming a great fan of you.

Charisma, one of your songs is just as you present yourself.
We feel your soul in your performance, same as we discovered during our pleasant discussions with both of you.

It is nice to feel we have found real friends. We desire to keep in contact with you.

With warmest feelings.
Love Jose&Aad

Dear Madame,

Thank You very much for this mail.
Actually, I regularly visit your website for updates.
It is a very precious moment for us to hear the news of receiving the Golden Remi award.
My heartfelt congratulations...
It is a moment of proud for us Indians as well, as you like India very much.
I used to check wikipedia to add your name in other articles (where it is necessary) as well.
One day in my new company I put the record of your songs (from my blog) as we usually hear music in work time.
The girl next to me asked me whose music is it. I said her, "I am very happy that you asked this question" Because I regularly put the records of Michael Jackson, Enrique, Britney and Indian musicians at my office (no-one asks whose songs are they). I gave her the link of my blog and your website. Everyone likes your music here.

And I feel that the Indian composer's initial has been typed wrong in your website and the page is not fully loading.
Because we know him very well, we know that he is not A K Rahman, but A R Rahman.
Anyway your teeming up with him is a much anticipated occasion.
Hope that we will be able to hear a blend of both of yours music in the near future.
Just like you have said in your interview, if it's God's will, it will happen!

Convey my regards to Mr. Butterfield and your family also..

Thanking You

This letter is to confirm that Dyana Dafova, along with her supporting artists performed on Sept. 28, 2009, at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event supported the non-profit WRRP~Wellness, Redemption, and Rehabilitation Program. This charity is registered in the State of Nevada. ( Dyana Dafova and her supporting artists were chosen to perform at the Golden Nugget for this event. I, T.K. Crabb, wanted to bring to Las Vegas this classic, "Bulgarian" Beauty to the Entertainment Capital of the world.

Dyana Dafova's performance was outstanding. I want the Embassy to know how please I was of her performance. She is absolutely the most professional and talented performer that I have had the opportunity to work with. Since the night, of the event, my phone hasn't stopped ringing, from numerous people, who have immediately become fans and would like to see more live performances by Dyana Dafova.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, the country of Bulgaria, for sharing Dyana Dafova, with Las Vegas, Nevada. I look forward to many more opportunities to have another concert from "your" shining star.

T. K. Crabb
Event Coordinator

U.S.A. phone number:

Здравейте драга редакция!

Вчера беше концерта на известната наша композиторка и певица Диана Дафова в класическото казино Голден Нъгет. Вълшебния глас на тази очарователна и мъдра българка ни разчувства, отключи големите кътинари към душите и ги обля с любов. Приковани по местата ни поглъщахме всеки тон, който излизаше от магьосницата чародейка. Бяхме много интернационална публика, политици от много страни дошли специално да се насладят на българския талант. На финала публиката стана на крака и дълго и с възторг аплодираше нежната осанка с големи пълни с мир очи. Ако помните съдържанието на песента за една българска роза, това ще да е тя - такава жена се ражда веднъж на 100 години......

Dear Dyana and Michael,

The concert was absolutely a delight. I and my associates enjoyed it a lot.
As from Balkans-Albania for me it had a special meaning. I have been here in USA for almost 20 years.
I my country I was university professor, leader and founder of Democratic Party of Albania- the first opposition force to overthrow the Communism- the youngest member of Albanian Parliament. My dream was for the voices of peace , compassion and freedom of my people to be able to be freely expressed and cross the borders. In many respects Bulgaria was just like my country. Being there - at the show to enjoy such a magnificent display of culture felt to me as part of my dream fulfillment. I promoted my Albanian culture here in US for long time and just wanted to say I am well aware of the tremendous endeavor and dedication it takes for one to promote any culture in this vast country. I commend you my dear friend Michael for your effort and succeed to promoting the Bulgarian culture embedded so magnificently in Dyana's artistic soul and her organization- the entire group.
Looking forward to future delights you will bring for all of us.

Agustin Shqalsi
CEO -Finexim, LLC


Dear Ms Lady Dyana and My Dear Friend Micheal,
What I have had the Pleasure of Experiencing by way of Ms.Lady Dyana's Music is and shall Remain LOVE and KINDNESS in Motion Around the World. Each Song has its own Special Message of PEACE, JOY, KINDNESS, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING in the Language of that certain Land. Music to Me has Always been the UNIVERSAL KEY that TRANSCENDS All Worldly Barriers that Allows Each of US the Chance to LOVE ONE ANOTHER regardless of Color, Creed or Religion and this My Dear Friends is the Exact Spiritual Message that the Lovely and Most Talented MS. LADY DYANA Expresses so Clearly by way of Her God Given Talent To Sing and Perform. The Entire Performance is a Cultural Experience with an Underlying Message as the Late John Lennon said so Clearly " All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance" with Unconditional Love as its Passage ! This Show -This Message - This Performance by Ms Lady Dyana must be seen by Young and Old for the Good of All People in All Places All Over the World!

David Wayne Executive Music Group
VP Artist Development
Nashville, LA , Dallas, Houston

First let me say that my review of the CD is that I find it OUTSTANDING, REFRESHING and COMPLETELY INTRIGUING. My girlfriend and I enjoyed it so much that we listened to it twice last evening and again this morning. With my background as a musician and performing artist I understand what it takes to produce such a CD – WE LOVE IT!

Michael Briggs


Hello Dyana,

Your show in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget was absolutely wonderful, a top notch performance!
Your voice, the song selections, the male and female backup singers, the dancers, your gowns, the costumes - everything to the last detail was perfect! The team including lighting and sound captured the production and are the icing on the cake.
Thank you so much for a fabulous performance and a true Las Vegas Show!

Best regards,
Christi Cheramie